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Columbia University supports a diverse set of institutes, research groups and individuals who produce foundational work in the arts, sciences, and everything in between. The University’s digital repository, Academic Commons, enables a central gateway into our community’s research output, and enhances the visibility of this work via Google Scholar and other portals.

Use of the repository has other benefits. Columbia receives hundreds of millions of dollars in research funding, often accompanied by requirements to archive and create access to data. Storing work in Academic Commons can help researchers meet deposit, archiving, and dissemination stipulations—on top of providing participants secure, long-term preservation for many digital file types. With technology now integral to research and scholarship, having a preservation plan is increasingly crucial to withstanding fast turnover in hardware, software, and file formats.

Columbia’s rich tradition of scholarship is a resource for future generations. In an online world, ideas can have immediate impact as well as persist—waiting for the next person to take up the challenge. Academic Commons ensures that your work is findable and found, both today and a hundred years from today.

To learn more about current trends in technology and research management and sharing, including issues such as open access, repositories, and digital publishing, visit the site of our Scholarly Communication Program. To read about copyright options and advice specifically for Columbia’s research community, visit the site of the Copyright Advisory Office.

CDRS’s repository services currently support deposit of digitally formatted content such as:

  • Articles
  • Conference papers
  • Datasets
  • Dissertations
  • Monographs
  • Multimedia creations
  • Pre- and post-prints
  • Technical reports
  • Theses
  • Working papers

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For more information, contact Kathryn Pope, Digital Repository Manager, at

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