Academic Commons

Columbia University’s Digital Research Repository

Academic Commons is a freely accessible digital collection of research and scholarship produced at Columbia University or one of its affiliate institutions (Barnard College, Teachers College, Union Theological Seminary, and Jewish Theological Seminary).

Columbia-affiliated students, faculty, and staff can archive the digital outputs of their research and scholarship in Academic Commons and share them with a global audience.

Your work in Academic Commons is:

  • assigned a permanent URL so it can always be found.
  • easily discoverable via search engines.
  • freely accessible online.
  • regularly backed up.

As an Academic Commons contributor, you can:

  • receive monthly usage statistics for your work in the repository.
  • provide colleagues around the world with easy access to your work.
  • create automatic feeds from the repository to your website.
  • use the repository to fulfill some funder public access requirements.

Eligible Content

Academic Commons currently support deposit of digitally formatted content such as:

  • Articles
  • Conference papers
  • Datasets
  • Dissertations
  • Monographs
  • Multimedia creations
  • Pre- and post-prints
  • Technical reports
  • Theses
  • Working papers

CV Reviews

Faculty members and researchers at Columbia and its affiliates are invited to email their CVs to Academic Commons staff will review your CV to determine which items we can deposit in the repository for you.

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