Below are answers to frequently asked questions at the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS). If there is a question you’d like to suggest be added here, please email info [at] cdrs.columbia.edu.

What is CDRS and what does the Center do?

CDRS is a group under the umbrella of Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. We were formed in 2007 to serve the University’s research community, which includes faculty, staff, and students across schools, institutes, and affiliates. Within this community, there is a fast-growing need for digital support. Across disciplines, people at Columbia engaged in research are seeking efficient and impactful ways of harnessing the web and new technology to store, share, collaborate on, and otherwise manage their work. This work may take the form of large datasets, working papers, online research journals, scholarly monographs or multi-author publications, etc. Our center’s team supports a wide range of scholarship by providing software, hosting, and other technical solutions that can enhance workflow, communication, security, sharing, and more. We also facilitate discussion and raise awareness about issues in research and technology via our Scholarly Communication Program. Read more on CDRS by visiting our About and Services pages.

What if I have a request or proposal that doesn’t quite fit any of your present services?

We welcome ideas for special projects. If we can’t support your proposal or request for help, we will do our best to refer to you someone at Columbia who can.

What is the difference between CDRS and the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL)?

Both Centers are part of CU Libraries/Information Services and work closely with Columbia faculty to develop digital solutions, but the two have different missions. CCNMTL supports Columbia courses and faculty projects focused on teaching and learning. CDRS serves the research mission of the University. CDRS and CCNMTL often partner on projects and efforts that involve both pedagogical and research elements.

Does CDRS help people and projects outside of Columbia University and its affiliates?

While much of the Center’s work involves people outside of Columbia—for example, support for research publications involving authors from other institutions—all of our projects must be based in some way at the University.

How can I work with CDRS?

Contact us at info [at] cdrs.columbia.edu.

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