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An online book, not a book online

Dangerous Citizens Online integrates a monograph with images, video, illuminating text, an interactive map and timeline, and other content to create a dynamic user experience. The site facilitates an enhanced appreciation and interpretation of Columbia University Professor Neni Panourgiá’s print book, Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State, which employs ethnographic interviews, archival material, unpublished personal narratives, and memoirs to tell the stories and history of twentieth century Greek Leftists. Taking this content to an online environment allowed the creative incorporation of multimedia which the author deemed crucial aides in the contextualization of the narrative. Read the official press release for the project.

A novel collaboration

Dangerous Citizens Online is driven by a partnership between Panourgiá, Fordham University Press (FUP), and the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) at Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. The author, Press, and CDRS worked closely to develop the website’s goals and features, and kept a collective blog on the project’s progress. FUP released Dangerous Citizens in print in August 2009 and included an announcement of the forthcoming web adaptation.

What others are saying

I wonder if this will be a future path for more books in our field. It would certainly allow many authors who accumulate vast numbers of historical photographs or maps to ‘publish’ them as traditional publishers grow increasingly unwilling to print many photos and maps in books. It will also, of course, allow the material to be continuously updated by the author, or others.

—Jonathan Beard, on Humanities and Social Sciences Net Online

The recent online release of ‘Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State’ by far exceeds the publication of the book by the same name (published this September) in being revolutionary. Instead of being your average Kindle e-book or online PDF, the new Web site is a freely accessed interactive, multimedia text that exemplifies an exciting but problematic pathway for published scholarship.

—Sarah Ngu, from her article, Dangerously Democratic, in Columbia’s The Eye

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