CDRS Launches New Website for TESOL and Applied Linguistics Journal

by Leyla on June 18, 2015

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the new website for the Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics (TESOL) journal. The open access journal, which is run by doctoral students at Teachers College and headed up by Editor-in-Chief Yuna Seong, publishes research in the fields of TESOL (or “teaching English to speakers of other languages”) and Applied Linguistics. The mission of the journal, which values an integration of theory and practice, is two-fold: to “promote efficient dissemination of research,” and to “facilitate academic exchange between the TESOL/ Applied Linguistics students/ faculty and members of the profession world-wide.”

CDRS Project Coordinator, Kerri O’Connell, worked with the TESOL team to move their existing journal content from their previous website onto CDRS’s “journal website template”. Since December last year, Kerri and the CDRS Production Team have been working with a series of other Columbia faculty, students, and staff to move their existing journal content onto the WordPress template, which offers journal editors ease of use and a flexible sleek design. TESOL is the fifth journal that CDRS has moved onto the template; journals already using the template include the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal,  the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal, Current Musicology, and the Columbia Journal of Tax Law, with five more journals currently in development.

The new issue of TESOL is now live on the new website, with content ranging from book reviews on second-language acquisition in the classroom to research on parent-child conversations. The TESOL Editorial Board is currently accepting manuscripts for future issues; you can submit papers here.


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