CDRS Staff Appointed to SHARE Initiative Working Groups

by Leyla on November 26, 2013

Further to our news last week that CDRS Director Rebecca Kennison has been assigned as Visiting Program Officer to work on the development of the Shared Access Research Ecosystem (SHARE) initiative, we’re pleased to announce that CDRS staff Kathryn Pope and Leyla Williams have been appointed to two SHARE working groups.

Kathryn, who is CDRS’ Scholarly Communication Program Head and manages Columbia’s digital repository, Academic Commons, will sit on the Repository Community Working Group, and Leyla, CDRS’ Communications Coordinator, will sit on the Communications Working Group.

The Repository Community Working Group will be responsible for engaging with institutional and disciplinary repository stakeholders to ensure that they are kept apprised of, and can efficiently contribute to, SHARE’s development. This will involve group members facilitating discussions about SHARE within the repository community, with the group serving as a conduit for repository stakeholders to express their opinions on the SHARE development path, proposed features, and overall SHARE strategy. Repository Community Working Group members will also disseminate information regarding new SHARE developments to their constituencies, helping to socialize and optimize these plans.

The Communications Working Group will be responsible for conveying SHARE developments with the scholarly communication community, as well as the general public, in a timely and transparent manner. Group members will facilitate discussions about SHARE within the scholarly communication community, as well as for any other parties that might be interested (and fall beyond the purview of other SHARE working groups). The group will serve as a conduit for SHARE to communicate new project developments, request input, and generally engage with the community in an open manner.

There are four SHARE working groups in total: the Repository Community Working Group, the Communications Working Group, the Technical Working Group, and the Workflow Working Group. Each working group will meet virtually at least twice per month. At least one member of the SHARE steering group will participate in each working group. CDRS is honored to help develop SHARE and make the initiative a success.


SHARE is a joint initiative of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) to collaboratively build a cross-institutional coordination framework for the long-term management and preservation of—and expansion of access to—the results of academic research. Read more about the SHARE proposal on the ARL website here.

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